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Maximize self-consumption

Peak shaving arbitrage in TOU tarrif

Emergency power backup

Grid support

Maximize self-consumption

Storing the surplus solar power into the battery during the day and using it at night, which maximizes the solar energy self-consumption rate.

Peak shaving arbitrage in TOU tarrif

Charging the battery at off-peak rates and discharging to the loads at peak hours to reduce the electricity bill.

03-Emergency Power Backup.png
Emergency power backup

Guarantee your 24/7 uninterruptable energy, providing backup power when a blackout occurs.

Grid support

Feed the energy into the grid in response to the grid scheduling, earning profits through energy trading.

Future proof battery ready solution

Hybrid solution for newly installed system

AC-coupled retrofit solution

Extended energy storage solution

Future proof battery ready PV solution

Easily extend to storage system by Plug&Play

DC/AC ratio up to 2.0

Double power output

Modular battery of ultra-safe LFP chemistry

06-Hybrid Solution for Newly Installation.jpg
Hybrid system for new installation

Designed for the newly installed PV system

UPS switch for power backup

Multiple work modes for smart energy management

AC-coupled retrofit solution

Integrated into any brands of existing solar system

Enhance the solar self-consumption

Emergency backup power

08-Multiple Inverters in Paralle.jpg
Multiple storage and grid-tied inverters work in parallel

The whole system management and monitoring

The whole system export limitation function

Capacity up to 100kW/256kWh for single storage system

Whole system service

Extreme safety and reliability

Smart management

09 whole system.jpg
Whole system service

Whole system solution

Whole system guarantee

Extreme safety and reliability

Cobalt free Lithium Iron Phosphate battery cell

Multiple-level protection from the BMS and inverters

11-Smart Management1.jpg
Smart management

24h self-comsumption monitoring

Local commissioning through the APP

Remote firmware upgrade for inverter and battery

Online Smart Service cloud for smart maintenance


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UK, Solar ESS
Energy Storage System

In the UK, solar battery storage is without a doubt becoming an attractive solution for households to reduce electricity bills and gain energy independence. Here in Oxford, Triple Solar has delivered this rooftop solar energy storage system to the family. Growatt’s hybrid inverter SPH 6000 and lithium battery GBLI6532 were installed and configured by the team in a professional manner. SUPERB!

1.jpg 2.jpg
Czechia, Solar ESS
Energy Storage System

Growatt is truly trusted and beloved by customers all over the world! This time in Králova, Czech Republic, a 5.65kWp solar system was built with an SPH10000TL3 BH-UP inverter and 10 pieces of stack-up ARK HV batteries with an overall storage capacity of 25.6kWh.

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Czechia, Solar ESS
Energy Storage System

Looking for ways to cut down your electricity bills? Why not go solar with Growatt solar energy storage solution? See how this homeowner in Černý Dub, Czech Republic made this happen. Powered by Growatt 10kW hybrid inverter, this rooftop solar project is a "solar+storage" system made for homeowners. Now this family doesn't have to worry about electricity cut-off ever again.
Credit: Elektrokapa

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