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System Solution Features


User Friendly


High Yields


Safety and Reliability

Future proof battery ready

Touch key and OLED display

Compact design for one person installation

Compact design
easy for one person installation

Light weight as low as 6kg

Decrease the cost of transfer and installation

Quick connector available

Smart .jpg
Smart monitoring and control

Multiple dataloggers with kinds of communication methods

24h self-consumption monitoring

Local commissioning with smart APP

Support export limitation function

Max. efficiency 98.4%

Dual MPP trackers

Wide MPPT voltage range

2.0 times power output
for more energy

A MIN 5000TL-XH inverter could provide 5kW AC output plus 5kW full power battery charge

Battery Ready.jpg
Future proof battery ready

Lower upfront cost, give your house more power choices for single phase or three phase system by enjoying the beneifts of storage with on-grid inverter

Type II SPD on DC side

Support export limitation

AFCI function optional

Safety and reliability
protect your house actively


Optional AFCI function, average response time 0.75s

IP65 and above

Diagram of Residential PV System

3.jpg 294323464_1739943326345233_866098174855115142_n.jpg 3(40).jpg
Italy, Residential Solar ESS
Energy Storage System

Let’s take a glimpse of the clean energy transformation happening in Italia! A villa owner in Ferentino decides on this solar energy storage system powered by Growatt’s intelligent and integrated solar energy storage solution—{(SPH 10000TL3 BH-UP +20.48kWh) *2 + SEM-E}. With two stacks of ARK batteries installed and a total capacity of 40.96kWh, this family is well set up for a more sustainable energy lifestyle.

3.jpg 1.jpg 2.jpg
Argentina, 4.6kWp Residential Solar
PV System

Powered by Growatt’s MIN 5000TL-X inverter, this 4.6kWp on-grid rooftop solar system in Argentina enables the family to harvest the sun’s energy to heat up the swimming pool at 30°C and run their appliances. A sunny day and a happy customer!
Credit: Cerro Aspero Solar

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4(1).jpg 294175586_349499410542271_4177634393039286036_n.jpg 1(15).jpg
Argentina, 1.5kWp Residential Solar
PV System

Check out another household that has chosen Growatt for home solar energy transition, and see what BREM ENERGY brought to this family in MacLoughlin, Argentina. With 4 PV panels covering the rooftop, this on-grid solar project is estimated to produce 2,455 kWh of electricity per year. Now, the family can save up to 42% of the energy they consume using the MIC series inverter, which is equal to 53.2 tonnes of CO2 emissions avoided.

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