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System Solution Features


High Yields


Safety and Reliability


Smart O&M


Optimal Electricity Cost

Multiple MPPTs design, up to 10MPPTs

Compatible with high power modules

DC/AC ratio up to 1.5

Multiple MPPTs design

2 strings per MPP tracker

Each MPP tracker can achieve its best performance

More energy yields of whole system

Compatible with high power modules

Max. string current up to 16A

Max. MPPT current up to 32A

Perfect suitable with high power modules

AFCI protection

Type II SPD on DC and AC sides

IP 66 protection degree

Multiple protections

AFCI protection

Type II SPD on DC and AC sides

IP 66 protection degree

Active safety with AFCI function

Active arc detection to avoid fire

Accurate arc fault detection

Speedy arc fault protection

Intelligent string monitoring

Smart I/V scan and diagnosis

Online smart service

Online smart service

Smart I/V scan and diagnosis

Configuration via smart phone

Remote diagnose and configuration

Compatible with AI and Cu AC cables

DC 2 in 1 connection

PLC communication optional

Diagram of C&I PV System

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Turkey, 677kWp C&I Solar
PV System

This solar plant installation in Ankara, Turkey is applying 1,488 panels of 455W and seven Growatt MAX 100KTL3-X LV inverters. This 677.04 kW solar PV project will provide stable and sustainable solar energy for commercial and industrial use. In the long run, it is going to yield high returns for the investor and reduce the overall fossil consumption in the country.
Credit: Form Elektrik.

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Vietnam, 3MW C&I Solar
PV System

An industrial roof solar project in Thai Binh, Vietnam has a total capacity of 3MW. The project adopts 27 units of Growatt MAX 110KTL3-X LV inverters. It also uses Growatt's Smart Energy Manager to manage and monitor the entire PV system, and to limit the power export to the grid.

12134.jpg 124.jpg
Brazil, 1,116kWp C&I Solar
PV System

Ten units of Growatt MAX series inverters were successfully commissioned for this 1,116kWp solar project built on top of a factory in Itaboraí-RJ, Brazil.
Credit: Mr. Alexandre Duarte

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