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Mar 27, 2024

Latest Growatt Inverters, Solar Battery Systems, and EV Chargers in Australia


At the 2024 Smart Energy Conference & Exhibition in Sydney, Growatt introduced its newest lineup of commercial storage solar inverters, energy storage systems, EV chargers, and portable power stations tailored to the Australian market. With the escalating demand for solar energy across both commercial and residential sectors in Australia, Growatt is dedicated to addressing this need by prioritising high-power inverters tailored for industrial usage, and crafting comprehensive residential solar and energy storage solutions that empower homeowners to establish a complete solar-powered home ecosystem.

As such, this blog will provide detailed insights into product specifications and potential combinations, enabling customers to seamlessly integrate these new products into their residential or commercial solar setups.

Growatt Commerical Storage Inverter

A_picture_of_Growatt_WIT_and_APX_in_Sydney_Solar_Exhibitio_ 2024.jpg

With current government incentives promoting renewable energy adoption, Australian businesses stand to benefit significantly from embracing solar energy as a practical and affordable power source for their operations. In light of this, Growatt presents the WIT 50-100K HU, a high-power solar solution meticulously engineered to meet the energy demands of Australian businesses.

Proposed Combination: WIT 50-100K HU + APX Commercial Battery.

WIT 50-100K HU


Here are some of the selling points of WIT 50-100K HU:

Resilient and Stable Power

With an in-built Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) and black start system, the WIT 50-199K HU ensures that critical appliances remain operational when there is no grid power available. In addition, the 100% unbalanced output equalises the power output across all 3 phases, even if the loads connected to each phase are different. This prevents power tripping or overheating of appliances due to load imbalances. Next, to provide greater power stability, the 110% continuous AC overloading function enables the inverter to handle a continuous load that exceeds nominal capacity by up to 10%. With users’ and installers’ safety in mind, there is type 2 SPD on the DC and AC side, which shuts off the system when there is overvoltage or electric surges.

High Yield

With multiple MPPTs, the WIT 50-100K HU ensures optimal power generation even in challenging conditions, such as partial shading or varying panel orientations. Featuring a high DC/AC ratio of up to 2.0, this inverter maximises energy output by efficiently handling larger capacities of DC input compared to AC output. Not to mention, this commercial storage inverter has a maximum efficiency of up to 98%, which converts almost all solar energy into usable electricity. As such, this inverter is about to deliver a high level of energy output for our commercial and industrial users.

High Flexibility

Scalable up to 300kW, this commercial storage inverter provides businesses with ample flexibility to meet their evolving energy needs. Designed with compatibility in mind, the WIT 50-100K HU supports both Lithium and Lead-acid batteries, catering to varying energy storage preferences and requirements. In addition, the remote-control function allows businesses to effortlessly manage, monitor, and adjust power generation and storage parameters, enhancing system performance and resource allocation. With a remote control function and expandable battery capacity, the WIT 50-100K HU offers businesses a flexible and convenient solution to manage power consumption and production effectively.

APX Commercial Battery (Compatible Battery System)


The WIT 50-100K HU is often paired with APX Commercial Battery for commercial and industrial solar PV inverter and energy storage systems.  Their compatibility stems from APX Commercial Battery’s high-power capacity to store high levels of solar power and expansion flexibility.


The APX Commercial battery is built to be resilient against harsh weather conditions with its wide temperature range of -10°C ~ 50°C and IP66 Design. The wide temperature range allows the inverter to operate at the same level of efficiency and performance even in extreme weather conditions. In addition, the IP66 ingress protection provides the solar battery protection against dust and water. For users who live in challenging environments, the ingress ensures that the battery is operational even in the event of heavy rain or dusty environments.

Safe & Reliable

With an LFP chemical structure, in-built modular energy optimiser, fuse + aerosol protection, and soft start mechanism, the APX commercial battery can provide a high level of safety and reliability for commercial and industrial customers. The LFP battery has excellent thermal stability and a stable chemical structure which prevents the battery system from overheating and lowers the chance of internal short circuits, leading to a smoother battery operation. To further lower the chances of fire hazard caused by overheating, the fuse and aerosol protection provide additional fire suppression ability to mitigate against thermal runaway. Not to mention, the built-in optimiser monitors and regulates the voltage level, which ensures that the battery system is operating within safety limits. Lastly, the soft start mechanism increases the voltage and current level slowly when starting the system, preventing the system from being damaged and overheated due to overcurrent.

Expansion Flexibility

Users can easily mix and match with another battery system thanks to the APX Commercial battery's ability to accommodate mixed packs of new and old batches of batteries from different battery suppliers. The APX Commercial battery can also be incorporated with other APX batteries with different SoCs. This versatility enables businesses to scale their energy storage system in response to changing needs, allowing for future system upgrades.

Plug & Play

Mixing and matching the APX commercial battery with other energy storage systems is uncomplicated due to the plug-and-play capability of the battery system. The APX Commercial Battery can be easily integrated with most battery systems without the need for complex wiring and configuration. This seamless integration streamlines and accelerates the installation process.

Growatt EV Charger


The EV market is expected to grow significantly in the upcoming years due to the growing environmental awareness of Australians and the rapidly growing number of automotive manufacturers' purchases and investments in producing EVs. To fully utilise their own residential PV systems, Australians should consider what kind of EV chargers to install in their homes to create a complete solar home setup.

Proposed Combination: Compatible with most residential battery-ready inverters and energy storage systems, but readers need to note whether their storage inverters are single or three-phase in nature.

E.g. Single-phase battery-ready inverter + Battery System + THOR 07AS-S.

E.g. Three-phase battery-ready inverter + Battery System + THOR 22AS-P.



Here are the features of Growatt’s THOR EV chargers:

Smart Management

The THOR EV chargers have multiple working modes which can adapt to diverse energy needs. With app charge activation, users can remotely manage charging schedules for enhanced energy optimisation. Smart load balancing ensures that there is efficient energy distribution within the different loads in the PV system, ensuring that there is maximum energy productivity.

Safety and Reliability

The inclusion of Type A RDC with 6mA DC fault current protection ensures that any current leakages or faults in the DC circuits are detected and addressed swiftly. This minimises the risk of electric shocks and fire hazards. Having IP 65 protection safeguards the EV Charger against dust and water jets from any direction, enabling users to use the EV charger even in challenging environments.

Growatt Off-grid Storage Inverters

For Australians residing in remote and rural areas, an off-grid storage system presents an optimal solution for powering electrical loads. This system empowers users to achieve self-sufficiency without relying on the grid, especially in communities where grid access may be limited or unavailable.

Proposed Combination: SPF 6000ES Plus (New!) + ALP LV Battery.

SPF 6000ES Plus


Here are some selling points of the SPF 6000ES Plus:

High Yield

With a high solar input capacity of up to 8000W, the SPF 6000ES Plus can collect a substantial amount of solar energy, which could be delivered to power loads with minimal losses due to the 1.0 output power factor, which results in optimal energy utilisation and system efficiency.

Scalable and Flexible

The inclusion of grid and generator 2 AC inputs with an Integrated Transfer Switch allows the SPF 6000ES Plus to seamlessly integrate with multiple power sources, enabling users to switch between grid power, generator power, and solar power smoothly. For users looking to own an upgradable system, this off-grid storage inverter can easily expand energy storage capacity, allowing up to 6 units of SPF 6000ES Plus in parallel connection. Also, the plug-and-play PV terminals allow easy connection of PV modules to the inverter, reducing the time and complexity of retrofitting.

Smart and Reliable

The Wi-Fi and GPRS Remote Monitoring allows users to get real-time insights into energy generation, consumption, and system health, allowing for remote maintenance and troubleshooting. Timing charging and output control allow users to optimise energy usage according to their specific needs and preferences, especially to maximise cost savings by taking advantage of off-peak electricity rates or solar generation peaks. As the overaccumulation of dust can lead to overheating of the inverter, the SPF 6000ES Plus has a built-in dustproof kit which protects the internal components from dust, dirt, and other contaminants. For off-grid users who are looking for a smart management off-grid storage solution, the system is sturdy and easy to control, providing convenience and reliability to the end-users.

ALP LV Battery


The ALP LV Battery is often paired with SPF 6000ES Plus in the Australian market. Here are some key features of ALP LV Battery:

Easy Installation

The ALP LV Battery’s stacked and modular design is designed for easy power output expansion, allowing users to easily scale up their energy storage capacity as needed. With IP66 safety ingress protection, the ALP LV Battery can be installed in both indoor and outdoor environments, making it easy for users to install it in different locations in and outside of the household.

Safe and Reliable

The ALP LV Battery is made with Cobalt-free LiFePO4 battery, which has enhanced protection against thermal runaway due to its more stable chemistry. The stable chemical makeup also makes it more resilient against degradation, thus giving it an excellent cycle life to withstand frequent charge and discharge cycles. Growatt also provides a full system warranty for the ALP LV Battery.

Smart Management

The auto undervoltage wakeup function is available in response to low voltage conditions, which powers critical loads in the event of power disruptions. With the remote diagnosis functionality of the ALP LV Battery, it is easy to diagnose the battery, and allow remote firmware upgrade to ensure the software of the Battery is always at the latest version.

Growatt Portable Power Station


For Australians who love hiking and outdoor picnics, owning a portable power station can provide a reliable source of electricity to charge essential appliances for a better outdoor experience. The INFINITY 1500 is an ideal portable power station which is lightweight and high-power, making it extremely convenient to carry around to power appliances.



High power

With 1512Wh capacity and 2000W output, this portable power station can provide high power output for a considerable period, ensuring that users can have electricity at any location as long as the portable power station is fully charged. Aside from high output, the power station has a fast-charging speed, which can reach 80% charged rate in an hour, and a complete charge status in 2 hours. It is a high-power and reliable power supply for Australians to use during blackouts or hiking trips.


The INFINITY 1500 has 12 diverse power outlets for users to charge up to 12 devices simultaneously.


The INFINITY 1500 can be monitored and controlled via a mobile app, allowing users to check and set the power consumption rate of the portable power station.

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